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Fire breaks out at GCE PCB plant in China

Fire breaks out at GCE PCB plant in China

Taiwan-based PCB maker Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) has halted production at one of its Changshu, China factories after a fire broke out at the facility in the early hours of April 19.

Manufacturing lines at the affected facility, mainly for notebook-use PCB production, have been damaged, which is likely to affect 10-15% of GCE's overall revenues in April, the firm estimated.

GCE noted that its plants in Suzhou, China and Taiwan will provide capacity support to offset production losses at its Changshu facilities. GCE will ensure its supplies are sufficient enough to meet customer demand, the company claimed.

GCE gave no indication of how long production stoppages might last.

GCE is among the world's major notebook PCB manufacturers, supplying about 15% of total notebook pcb boards shipped. With customers mainly first-tier notebook makers, GCE has cut into the supply chain of brand companies including HP, Dell and Acer.

Market sources speculate that HannStar Board, Global Brands Manufacture (GBM) and Tripod Technology might gain orders shifted by GCE's customers, which are gearing up for the coming peak season.

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